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Metis Sleep 08 is an effective sleep supplement that does not cause habituation. It helps you sleep better and wake up less often during the night.

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The winner of 1 Year Free Metis Sleep 08 receives a credit worth 1 Metis Sleep 08 Start Cup + 7 Metis Sleep 08 Eco-Refills.

Why Metis Sleep 08

Wake up less quickly & sleep better

Metis Sleep 08 contains a higher dose of stronger and more absorbable ingredients than many other brands. It noticeably helps to wake up less quickly and ensures that you sleep better.

Natural & Non Addictive

Our effective Valerian and Eschscholzia are powerful and natural ingredients that are not addictive. Together with the co-factors, they provide a tangible effect to sleep deeper and fall asleep faster.

Originally for his own family

Pharmacist Dirk originally developed the Metis formulas for his own family. With this he supported them during periods of insomnia, stress and fatigue.