"Only the best for my family"

Metis has its origins in the care of a family man, pharmacist Dirk. He wanted the best for his family and was dissatisfied with the effectiveness of existing supplements on the market. That is why he decided to develop effective supplements that fully met his strict requirements. "Only the best for my family" was his motto. These effective supplements are the result of his scientific research, professional knowledge, personal experience and deep desire to help his loved ones.

Pharmacist D. Christiaen

Developed for his own family

Metis was founded to help people like you. Our unique formulas are formulated by Pharmacist Dirk, who originally developed them for his own family. He knows how important it is to be able to trust the supplements you take. Out of frustration with the existing offering on the market, he developed unique formulas in collaboration with experts at KU Leuven. Together they combined professional knowledge and personal experiences into effective supplements that tackle stress, sleep and energy-related problems and thus increase quality of life.

Our promise

Supplements that do what they promise

Metis is different from other supplement brands. Many brands in the industry use minimal amounts of an ingredient, purely to capitalize on the fame of that specific ingredient. They do not guarantee that the ingredient used represents the active part of the plant. Take ginseng as an example: the real power of ginseng comes from the ginsenosides in the root, not the leaves. Although both parts come from the same plant, there is a significant difference in how they work. At Metis we ensure that we use therapeutic doses that are scientifically substantiated, rather than lower amounts purely for marketing purposes.

We at Metis want our customers to enjoy a tangible and sustainable result. We are therefore always looking for ways to optimize our formulas.

For people like you

A reliable choice

Since 2018, Metis has been a trusted brand for thousands of people looking for a solution for stress, sleep and energy-related problems. Our unique formulas are now available at more than 600 pharmacies throughout Belgium and the Netherlands. We have also won several awards for our innovative, effective and ecological approach, including Best Product of the Year 2022-2023.

personal advice

does it work?

We understand that choosing supplements can be confusing or exciting. That is why our people are always ready to answer questions and personally guide you through the range. Curious which supplement suits you best? Complete the questionnaire and receive tailor-made advice.