Supplements that do what they promise - Made by pharmacist Dirk

Unique formulas composed by Pharmacist Dirk

High doses of active substances to tackle stress-related complaints.

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Why Metis®

Effective formulas by Apotheker Dirk

Metis helps people like deal with stress-related complaints such as poor sleep, lethargy and hair loss. Our unique formulas are composed by Pharmacist Dirk, who uses his professional knowledge and personal experiences to develop effective formulas. We only use natural, more absorbable substances and we only use the best, most concentrated ingredients to guarantee a tangible effect. Our formulas are available online and at more than 600 pharmacies and coaches in Belgium and the Netherlands. We are always ready to answer questions and provide personal guidance.

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Supplements tailored to your body and lifestyle

Metis Personalized is a unique selection of supplements and vitamins based on a few questions about your body and lifestyle. These are packed in handy sachets for daily or occasional use; and are perfectly matched. Curious how it can combat your fatigue, insomnia,...? Start the test.

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