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Unique formulas with only the highest quality ingredients.
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A supplement originally created by a pharmacist to help his children, and now a unique product to support thousands of people in their daily lives.

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How are you doing? We listen carefully, analyze carefully and then propose your customized plan. It's simpler, more cost-effective and more personal. That's how everything should be, right?

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People and supplements you can trust

Let's face it: the supplement industry is untrustworthy. The ingredients are often of questionable quality and confusing. We started Metis because we wanted something better for ourselves, something we can trust.

No empty formulas or promises

Together with an independent professor and pharmacists, we have developed unique and scientifically based formulas. These are manufactured in Belgium under the strictest standards and with the best ingredients.

For people who want more

Our supplements are not a solution to bad habits or a bad lifestyle. They give you an extra push to improve your well-being and performance.

Unique Metis® formulas

High dose of natural ingredients (that's why they sometimes taste or smell a little crazy) that are optimally absorbed by your body.

Effective ingredients

Plant extracts, minerals, adaptogens and vitamins that have been known for their benefits for centuries. Finally brought together with the latest scientific research.

Metis Supplements Capsule

Ecological & (almost always) Vegan

The best ingredients - vegan whenever possible - and never addictive. Ecologically packaged and produced in Belgium.

No superfluous substances

Contain no unnecessary fillers, artificial colors, flavors or fragrances. Only what matters.

How we got here

Originally for his children, now for you.

When pharmacist Dirk graduated in 1988, he opened his own pharmacy on the Amerikalei in Antwerp. It is still there today, so feel free to drop in!

As a father, when he saw his children struggling with their studies, he did what all caring pharmacist fathers would do: he made some (legal) supplements for them. The supplements worked. The critical children were convinced - and succeeded. Metis was born.

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Where we're going

From the children as guinea pigs to +15,000 satisfied customers.

Although the children were skeptical at first, they were satisfied with their period as guinea pigs. Now it was time to share the supplements with the rest of Belgium.

3 Years later, Metis is sold in 600+ pharmacies in Belgium with tens of thousands of customers in Belgium, the Netherlands and France. In 2021 we opened the online store, and now we want the world to enjoy this family secret!

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Transparent production

Metis makes its capsules in the promised land of pharmaceutical bureaucracy and quality control: Belgium!

Our unique formulas are manufactured in strictly controlled and independent facilities. These are all ISO 22000 and HACCP certified. All ingredients are carefully analyzed one by one before going into production.

This way we can be sure that you receive safe and quality supplements from us.

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