What effect does stress have on your sleep?

You shake your head. Worryingly, you look at those boring walls in your bedroom for the umpteenth time. Before you know it, several hours have passed and not for a second do you feel like you are going to fall asleep. Not to mention, you still have a deadline to meet at work tomorrow. Without you noticing it, stress affects your sleep in all kinds of negative ways. The question then is: "What effects does stress have on your sleep and what can you do to reduce stress?"

Effect of stress on falling asleep

The first way stress affects your sleep is when you fall asleep. Stress leads to an increase in adrenaline, which makes you much more alert and feel restless. The negative effect is further exacerbated when you worry about the problems you experience.

Second, stress's negative effect on sleep persists even after you fall asleep . Tension and stress also influence sleep quality. Both increase the chance of restless nights, dreams or nightmares. What actually happens then? You experience less restorative sleep, which means you experience consequences the next day. If the disturbed night's sleep also causes more fatigue and more tension during the day, this can even lead to a vicious circle.

How do you reduce stress?

Good news, there is still light at the end of the tunnel. There are various measures to combat stress. First, you should take time to relax before crawling into bed. Some ways to do this are by taking a warm bath, reading a book or doing some light stretching exercises. Moreover, it also helps to practice deep breathing or mindfulness techniques .

In addition, ingredients such as ashwagandha and magnesium support your body to reduce the effects of stress on your sleep . If you better protect your body against the influence of stress, you will realize that you regain more control over your sleep. You will also notice that you are much better rested because stress has less influence on your night's sleep.

Finally, it is very important to remember that stress is a normal part of our lives. Stress is unfortunately a daily feeling that we experience and will continue to experience. However, it remains important that you take time to relax to protect your body against stress. Improving your sleep will lead to better overall health and well-being. Not to forget, you will also thank yourself immensely in the future.

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