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Supplements & vitamins tailored to your body and lifestyle.

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Sometimes you just feel like your body can't keep up with the pace of your lifestyle for a while. You eat healthy, exercise enough, know how to find your mental peace, but still we all sometimes run up against our limits. Your personal plan with vitamins and supplements gives you that little extra every day, for a better physical and mental well-being.

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Your daily supplements

Supplements made to measure

Together with pharmacist Dirk and our nutrition experts, we drew up a short questionnaire. Based on this questionnaire we propose a unique plan of supplements.

Your plan comes in a dispenser with 30 daily sachets. Each pouch contains your unique selection of capsules for the day. The box and bags are made of paper that you can simply recycle after use.

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01 — Start the test, so we can get to know you better

Briefly answer some questions about your lifestyle. You will receive a personal recommendation based on your answers, the latest scientific studies and advice from our nutrition and supplement experts.

02 - Receive your personal supplements

We go to work to create your personal plan. You will receive 30 packets with your unique capsules. Take one of the sachets every day and get more out of life.

03 - Your plan gets a little better every month

It's normal that your needs change throughout the year. Every month we take a look with you to see how we can further optimize your plan. Temporarily strengthen your immunity in the winter? No problem!

Curious about your own personal plan?

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