Inner Cosmetics®

Our scientifically proven formulas are formulated with high doses of active, natural and easily absorbable ingredients . Our unique formulations contain ingredients that traditional cosmetics cannot provide. It is the perfect addition to many people's skin care routine.

Why choose Inner Cosmetics®?

Long lasting benefits

Metis supplements provide long-term benefits that go beyond the superficial effects of regular cosmetics. By nourishing your body from within, the capsules promote your general health and well-being . The results are radiant skin, shiny hair and healthy nails.

Targeted results

Unlike regular cosmetics, Metis capsules target specific concerns , such as hair, nail and skin health. This means you can choose a supplement tailored to your individual needs and see targeted results .

Developed by pharmacist Dirk

Pharmacist Dirk developed the unique formulas in collaboration with experts from KU Leuven. Together they combined professional knowledge and personal experiences into effective supplements that tackle skin, hair and nail problems. Metis thus supports the body and improves quality of life .

"After 3 weeks of use, there are no longer any loose hairs on my clothes and there are noticeably fewer hairs in the drain grid after washing my hair."

— Ingrid C.


Our capsules can be taken quickly and easily with water. This way you enjoy all the benefits in a small and handy capsule.

Supplement to your care

Our supplements can complement your existing skin care routine to support healthy hair, skin and nails from within.

Better absorption

Designed to be easily absorbed by the body, meaning nutrients are delivered directly to where they are needed.

No irritation

Our supplements are a gentle and non-irritating alternative. It is beneficial, among other things, for people with sensitive skin or who are sensitive to irritation or side effects of care products.

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Revitalize your skin

Metis Anti-Age 02 is an effective supplement against wrinkles, fine lines and age spots. It hydrates and firms your skin from within and is an excellent addition to your maintenance routine for tight and firm skin.

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Prevent hair loss and weak nails

Metis Hair & Nails 09 is an effective supplement based on Zinc, Bamboo and Amino Acids. It reduces hair loss and helps prevent cracked nails by strengthening your nails for a long time.

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